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Cities & Municipalities

Making cities cleaner and smarter

Along with our sensor hardware, Enevo offers a full software suite to efficiently manage fleets
and containers, an analytics platform, routing engines, and in-vehicle navigation systems.

Get more done with less driving, less equipment, and lower costs. 

Enevo makes your city cleaner and greener.


Eyes on every container, no matter the size

Our industry-leading sensors can be added to any type of waste containers, from large,
fully-underground containers to street litter bins. Advanced algorithms allow
the sensor to determine fill levels even when the surface is unevenly shaped.

Enevo sensors utilize ultrasonic sonar to monitor the waste levels, ensuring that they only get dumped when they need to be (that saves
you money).

Analytic Software 

Understanding your city from a new perspective

Our sensors collect data around the clock while our analytic software platform presents advanced, comprehensive data, providing dynamic insights on how your city generates waste and how to best serve the community through waste services.

Routing Capabilities

No more driving around in circles

Our waste collection routes are generated based on real-time sensor data, traffic patterns, road and location restrictions, and predicted fill level models. Our software consistently calculates hundreds of millions different options to create optimal collection schedules and routes any given time. 

This creates less traffic and less idle time of trucks outside schools, homes, and businesses.

Creating Smarter – and Greener – Cities

Take an active role in sustainability

How your city addresses sustainability affects its competitiveness, livability, and
environmental performance. 

Your sustainability matters to your citizens. Six out of 10 Americans are interested
in living in a smart city (CompTIA), but across countries, more than 90% think it’s
important to live in a sustainable city (WWF).

Enevo technology makes it easy to decrease the impact of poor waste management,
increasing recycling diversion rates and overall sustainability.

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