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Commercial Real Estate

The best waste solutions, for you and your tenants

Waste should remain an afterthought for the businesses you serve. Enevo makes that possible,
all while decreasing waste costs.

How efficiently they can maintain their own businesses will affect their lease renewals, but your
sustainability also holds a unique selling point for your properties. 

Sustainability is a new priority for businesses, but few know how to act on it. Allowing them to
piggyback on the sustainability you provide via Enevo is an easy way for everyone to boost
eco-friendly practices.


Keeping an eye on tenant needs

Enevo sensors constantly measure waste levels, allowing you to only pay for the pick-ups you need.

This saves you money, but it also keeps your properties neat, eliminating overflow and missed pick-ups, creating a waste collection service that best serves you and your tenants.

Analytic Software

Transparency of waste and savings

Our analytic software utilizes sensor data to understand your waste habits over time, developing the most effective waste collection schedule and increasing recycling diversion rates.

Transparently tracking your waste allows us to continuously decrease your costs and create further opportunities for sustainability.

Creating Sustainable Properties

Going green, for you and your tenants

Even in the B2B space, sustainability remains a priority for buyers: 90% of consumers
consider whether or not the company operates in a way that protects and benefits
society and the environment (Cone Comms.)

Sustainability begins with waste management. With Enevo, you can reduce your waste
and increase recycling, providing sustainability that benefits your business and meets
your tenants’ needs.

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