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Multi-Family Properties

Multiple families = multiplied waste

Overflow and poorly managed waste can take a serious toll on your lease renewals, and it’s
up to you to create that homey vibe throughout your property.

With Enevo, your waste is managed in real time, adjusting to your residents’ waste generation
throughout the day, season, and year (no matter what or how much residents throw away).



Meeting your residents’ waste needs in real time

Each resident has their own unique waste pattern, and that can compile quickly. 

Enevo’s sensors monitor dumpster fill levels and collections, letting us know when they need to be picked up. This doesn’t just virtually eradicate overflow, it also eliminates unnecessary collections, allowing you to only pay for services you need.

These sensors can monitor dumpsters of all sizes, including compactors.

Analytic Software

Giving Property Managers a comprehensive overview

While our sensors collect data 24/7, our analytic software lets you keep an eye on every dumpster, across properties – all in one place. You can understand your residents’ waste behavior while we create an optimal collection schedule that changes with your residents’ waste patterns. 


Reduce your NOI

Decrease operating costs across properties

Enevo is dedicated to saving you money. After all, we only make money when you
save money. 

Our services have a direct impact on your operating expenses, allowing you to pay
less for your waste services and continuously decrease your costs over time.  

Better, More Sustainable Properties

A new era of amenities

Sustainability has become a top priority for residents: 84% of respondents said living
in a sustainable or eco-friendly building is very or moderately important to
them (AMLI). Your sustainability begins with how you manage your waste. 

With an accurate and comprehensive understanding of your waste, Enevo is able
to reduce the overall impact of your waste, increasing recycling diversion rates,
and boosting sustainability.

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