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Keeping restaurants clean and green

Restaurant waste is high volume and high risk, all at a potentially draining cost.

Your waste management affects both your customers and employees, directly impacting the dining
and employee efficiency.

Enevo waste solutions continuously monitor waste levels, virtually eliminate dumpster overflow, increase 
sustainability, and modify collection schedules to effectively meet your business’s needs.


Active technology for busy (and not as busy) restaurants

Enevo’s sensor keeps up with the ebb and flow of your business. 

Your waste fluctuates throughout the day, week, and season. Our sensors monitor fill levels and collections to meet your needs. 

Virtually eliminate overflow and stop paying for pickups you don’t need.

Analytic Software

A comprehensive view across your locations

Nearly half (47%) of restaurants are already tracking their food waste (National Restaurant Association ).
While our sensors collect data, our analytic software tracks and displays your restaurants’ waste generation over time. 

Our platform allows you to make informed business decisions based on real data, not estimates.

Advanced Restaurant Waste Solutions

Because we go beyond the pick-up

Your waste is dynamic, your waste solution should be too.
Enevo’s advanced restaurant waste solutions include:
  • Food donation programs
  • Specialized food packaging recycling programs
  • Supply chain analysis and procurement policy consulting

A Greener Waste Solution

Sustainability is in demand

“Environment sustainability” ranked as the No. 9 restaurant trend amongst American
Culinary Federation chefs, and half of consumers say that a restaurant's efforts to
recycle, donate food, or reduce food waste can be factors in where they choose
to dine (National Restaurant Association)

Enevo is an easy way to stay sustainable and increase recycling diversion rates without
disrupting the daily practices of your business.

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