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Retail Properties

Create an efficient, green shopping experience

Consistent, bulky waste (cardboard, plastic packaging, etc.) can pile up fast, slowing down employee
efficiency and cluttering your shopper experience.

Enevo waste solutions continuously monitor your dumpsters’, compactors’, or balers’ waste levels,
virtually eliminate dumpster overflow, increase sustainability, and modify collection schedules to match
your business’s needs – all while reducing costs.

Keep employee processes streamlined, shopper experiences neat, and costs low.



Pick-ups when you need them

Our sensors monitor your waste levels 24/7. Since we know how full your dumpster (or compactor or baler) is, we only dump it when we need to.  

With Enevo, you only pay for the pick-ups you need and that reduces your costs. 

Analytic Software

Truly understanding your waste

Our sensor is constantly collecting data while our software helps us better understand your waste. Via our software, we can analyze your waste patterns to reduce costs, better structure your waste collections, track missed collections, and increase recycling diversion rates. 

We use our tech to conduct upstream analyses of material origins throughout your supply chain.  We advise on opportunities to reduce waste through procurement standards, along with insight on how to utilize your existing distribution infrastructure to minimize the waste management burden on your retail locations. 

Green Solutions

Your customers are shopping green

Your customers expect you to run business sustainably: 86% of Americans expect
companies to do more thanmake a profit, they should also address social and
environmental issues. 

Enevo is an effortless way to go green while also decreasing your overall waste costs. 

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