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Waste Analytics Technology

Unleash The Power Of Your Waste Data

Enevo provides the ultimate cloud-based software platform and sensor portfolio to waste services companies, property managers, haulers (small and large), campus environments, cities and municipalities to better understand their waste related operations. Providing the right tools to collect and analyze detailed data from your waste containers enables you to take the correct actions for controlling your waste related operations better and improve recycling rates and your environmental impact.

Since being founded in 2010 by veterans in the wireless and telecom industry, we have been able to build more experience in the waste sensor industry than anyone else globally, and we have the numbers to prove it:

billion sensor measurements recorded to date


average reduction in dumpster collections with data driven re-scheduling

years of experience with sensors in the field

sensor models available for both liquids and solids

Our platform provides tons of features—here are just a few to get you started

Right sizing service schedules and capacity

Our powerful algorithms build dynamic trends and provide insights on hourly fill level readings and collection events, enabling you to know exactly when your containers need to be collected for optimal service quality

Fill up rate, events and alerts

Near real time fill level readings across all your containers, react in minutes on quick build ups and unforeseen events such as theft, fire or vandalism via our advanced alert system

Detailed data for ESG reporting

Dive deeper into fill level and collection trends over time for each container, property, area or waste type and use either built-in reports or use our REST API to integrate detailed data into existing systems

Operations tools for managing service routes

Use our automated dynamic routing engine and in-cab driver tools to generate continuously optimized service routes and forecast future vehicle capacity needs based on fill level data, trends and seasonal variations

Know what's going on with your waste operations

Get the data and insights on what is going on with your waste operations. Are there sites that need your immediate attention?  Any active alerts? Is there a risk of overfilling? Should you right size? How much waste have you generated?

Is Your Hauler Performing?

See instantly if your agreed service days are adhered to and adjust to seasonal events and special circumstances (e.g. weather related).

Get details per location and container

See all the details for your location, container, service schedule, fill level status, last service – you can even add photos and files (such as key codes and other relevant data)

Reporting and easy API access

Easily get into historical fill up and collection data, build performance reports and export to your favourite 3rd party ESG reporting tools – or use our easy to use API to seamlessly integrate with your internal systems.

Automated Capacity Planning

The Enevo Dynamic Routing Engine and Scheduler constantly monitors your service needs with available truck resources and suggests changes based on fill level trends and seasonal variations – all fully automated!

In-Cab Truck Tools

Working together with waste truck drivers for years have enabled us to fine tune and optimize the Enevo DRIVE app that makes it both safe and efficient to use, without compromising on the the routing, navigation and reporting features that gets the job done!

Trusted By Customers - Small and Large

We work with all types of different customer types—from small regional recyclers to large national waste management companies, and everything in between. Over the years, we have been able to learn and expand our cloud platform and sensor portfolio to meet the waste data needs for most property managers, cities, municipalities and higher education & corporate campuses. Learn from some of our customer case studies by contacting us below.

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