It all starts with sensors

Our sensors are designed to sit inside waste containers, collecting fill level,  location and motion data to build up fill-up trends and for detecting outside events such as service events or sudden location changes. Using a fusion of various sensor technologies like ultrasonic transducers, GPS, accelerometers, gyros and temperature sensors, we are able to provide reliable, consistent data at all times.

All of our sensors are completely autonomous, operating wirelessly, requiring no infrastructure from the customer other than a container.

Manufacturing is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and all models are FCC, IC Canada and CE approved.


Wall mounted sensor for larger waste & recycling containers with solid waste

Example deployments:
Dumpsters / Front End loader (FEL) / Rear Loader containers


Top mounted sensor for larger waste & recycling containers with solid waste

Example deployments: Underground containers, large size wheelie bins, textile banks


Top mounted liquid waste sensor for tanks with black oil, yellow oil, brown water and grease

Example deployments:
Oil tanks, IBC containers, barrels and any tanks with bung fittings


Top mounted sensor for narrow and smaller waste & recycling containers with solid waste

Example deployments:
Wheelie bins / toters, secure document bins, street litter bins

All runs in the cloud supported by the best IoT wireless network

Our software platform is 100% cloud based and runs in secure and geographically distributed data centers operated by Amazon Web Services.

All sensor network traffic is end-to-end 256-bit TLS (FIPS) encrypted and utilizing AT&T’s nationwide LTE Cat M1 IoT cellular network, with best possible coverage from urban to rural areas. 

For international connectivity, we use AT&T’s international network roaming capabilities or local cellular providers. We also provide single tenant enterprise licenses of the entire platform, operating in your environment of choice.

Enevo Hub – the single tool for managing it all 

The Enevo Hub is where sensor data comes to life. All sensor and container data are accessed and managed through our easy-to-use web-based interface.

Get instant access to container build-up patterns, service reports, alerts and statistics – presented in an easy to understand, actionable way, empowering informed decision based on real world measured data.

Site & Container Management

Manage your inventory of containers and connect them to customer sites, content and container types. Hub enables you to seamlessly manage all your container assets.

Service Management

Manage and control your service schedules for each site and utilize automated tools to identify containers and properties in need of collection or experiencing service interruptions. 

Data, Analytics, & Reporting

Access detailed waste generation and collection data and reports. Hub does the heavy analytical lifting for you with rightsizing and improved scheduling recommendations.

Notifications & Alerts

Automated notifications, configurable per location and container. Keep your customers informed and stay ahead of potential overflowing containers, missed collections, and automatic resolution notifications.

System Tools & REST API

 Easy to use access management, enabling you to customize access to fill level data, reports and service parameters. For advanced data access, use our flexible REST API to integrate to internal or 3rd party ESG reporting systems.

SmartPlans – fully automated and optimized scheduling & routing

Enevo’s patented SmartPlans solution uses advanced machine learning and heavy weight cloud-based compute power to create optimized, demand-based logistics operations for entire fleets.

Based on combined real-time forecasts of fill levels and historical variations from sensor data, the Enevo SmartPlans system generates schedules and routes by

  • Predicting latest time to collect while avoiding over-filling of containers

  • Millions of possible collection plans and routing options are automatically calculated and evaluated on an hourly basis

  • Optimizing over several weeks of time (2–4 weeks ahead)—since anything serviced today affects what needs to be serviced in the coming days and weeks

Daily collection plans and routes are created automatically and fed to in-cab vehicles for drivers to use with our easy-to-use Drive App

  • No manual planning needed
  • Optimize entire fleet to defined goals, for example, maximizing service level while minimizing hours used or miles driven
  • Full management and real-time tracking in Hub for supervisors and fleet managers

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